About Us


The Academy of Dramatic Combat is composed of independent instructors who, through experience, have constructed a set of guidelines for the teaching of stage combat and combat techniques for film and television. There are three levels of performance criteria, consisting of the weapon and unarmed systems in general use for theatre, film and television worldwide. In turn the three levels are: Basic Performance, Intermediate Performance and Advanced Performance. This system enables us to teach an actor if they are inexperienced or have previously or presently hold certification from any of the major organizations around the globe.


Steve Wilsher, Fight Master, training a student in small sword. 

Training consists of: 


Basic Performance

Rapier and Dagger
Small Sword

Intermediate Performance

Small Sword

Advanced Performance

Rapier & Companion
Small Sword
Unarmed - Eastern Influence
Broadsword & Companion

The Academy's training is in performance techniques only. The Academy does not train individuals to become Fight Directors, Fight Instructors or Stunt Performers. We do, through individual mentorship and training, enable an individual to obtain the information and experience towards those careers.