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Wherever you are in your career, the ability to safely and convincingly perform a fight sequence is essential.  As a student, professional actor, stunt performer or teacher, we welcome the opportunity to assist in your training.  The Academy of Dramatic Combat is well respected in academic and professional circles and highly successful in the execution of fighting techniques for theatre, film, and television. All of our instructors are working professionals first and foremost and up-to-date with current industry requirements and trends.  Should you decide to train with us, it is because you wish to work with the best instructors this industry has to offer. 

Whether you are beginning, continuing, or rekindling your combat career, we are happy to guide you with our extensive skills and knowledge. 

Thank you for finding your way to the Academy of Dramatic Combat, and we hope you’ll benefit from all we have to offer.

Best regards,
Kara Wooten.

Master Instructor
President, The Academy of Dramatic Combat


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